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Combination Case Lock 2470 Prestolock

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Quick Overview
Comination Case Lock has 3 dials, 1,000 possible combinations. Note: This lock is designed for cases (computer, tradeshow, camera, etc.), tool boxes, etc. The 1/4" shackle will not fit luggage zippers.
Product Description

Operating Instructions

This combination lock is set at the factory to open at all 0's when aligned between the arrows as shown in Fig A above.  You can either leave it at this setting and always open the lock at all 0's or you can set your own combination in the following manner:

  1. Open the lock by turning the dials to present combination and pull shackle out.

  2. Turn shackle halfway around (180 degrees) in either direction and push in as far as possible.   See Fig B.

  3. Hold shackle depressed and turn it 90 degrees (quarter turn) in either direction as seen in Fig. C.  Leave the shackle in this position while you change the code to your personal combination.

  4. After turning the dials to the new desired combination, record the numbers someplace for easy reference (in case you forget the combination!!)

  5. Without disturbing the dials, return the shackle a quarter way around (90 degrees). See Fig B, pull out the shackle and turn pulled out shackle half way around (180 degrees) and push in (see fig A).  Turn dials to any number to lock.  Your lock will now open at your own personal combination.  If you want to change to a new combination, simply repeat steps 1-5 (starting on your new combination for the shackle instead of the factory default).

    NOTE:   If you would like us to set your combination for you, go to the accessory tab and select that option.

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