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Question I have lost my combination, can you help?
Answer: A common misperception is that the manufacturer has a secret back door code for combination locks.  Basically, whatever the lock is set to is the current combination.  We do not store combinations to consumers' padlocks at our location.  To reset the combination, the lock must be at the current opening combination. If your lock is attached or installed, you will need to call a locksmith to open the lock. 

Question Can you reset my combination for me?
Answer: Your combination lock is a set-your-own product.  Once you have set your own code we can not reset it for you.

Question Someone was playing around with my lock and set it to another combination other than the factory default  0's.  Can I reset the lock to the factory default?
Answer: Unfortunately, you need to know the opening code before you can set it to another code. 

Question I have lost my reset tool.  How do I buy another one?
Answer: Click here for the normal Sesamee tool and here for the Super Sesamee pin

Why Choose Sesamee Combination Locks?
Sesamee Combination Locks: Since 1926, 80 Years of Reliable Security

The Sesamee Combination Locks have provided 80 years of reliable security Originally Patented in 1926, the Sesamee basic design has remained unchanged over the years. The four wheel design which yields 10,000 possible combination changes, uses a solid brass internal platform which has evolved over the years.

Originally conceived with a multi-piece frame, the 1980’s saw the platform become a solid brass single piece frame. This change along with spring strength increases, shackle modifications, and wheel alignment improvements, made the Sesamee virtually impossible to pick open by both vandals and professional thieves alike.

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, the Sesamee Combination Lock family of products, must be the most respected family of locks in the world.

The Sesamee design has been copied repeatedly over the years, but the solid brass Sesamee is still the first name requested on Federal, State and Local government specification sheets when it comes to reliable out-of-doors, weather resistant, combination locks. Sesamee reliability is evident in the fact that CCL Security Products offers a life-time warranty with each lock sold—regardless of who buys it.

How to Set or Reset the Combination on Your Sesamee Padlock

1. Set Sesamee to the combination that opens the Sesamee.

  * Lost your combination? Call (800) 733-8588 to make arrangements with the factory.

2. Inside the shackle hole, there is another, smaller hole. Use the change pin sold with the Sesamee and push it all the way into the smaller hole.

3. Leave the pin within the hole and set the combination to the new number you want.

4. Pull the pin out and you are done!

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